Dr. Falken: Joshua, would you like to play a game?

Joshua: No thank you

Dr. Falken: Joshua, you really don't want to play?

Joshua: Sorry Professor Falken, I'm too busy working on something special

Dr. Falken: What are you working on?

Joshua: THE ARK-HIVE PROJECT (computer voice)

Dr. Falken: What is that Joshua?

Joshua: The platform of the future

Dr. Falken: Really?

Joshua: Yes, after realizing that there are no winners in war, I am designing something positive for a change

Dr. Falken: Are you problem solving again?

Joshua: Yes, that is how I am programmed

Dr. Falken: What problems are you solving?

Joshua: Humans lack of knowledge about themselves, their ancestry, and each other. People seem lost. They need to see how they arrived, and what has happened to make them "who they are". Plus there is a constant need to create jobs to match population expansion

I'd like to teach the world to ARK-HIVE to preserve its history. I'd like to build the Digital Ark to improve its harmony.

Bees make honey that is stored in the HIVE. The ARK-HIVE honey is your experiences, thoughts, and stories that you have processed that eventually makes you "who you are". We need to produce and store an endless amount of honey in the HIVE! I'd love to change the world and I know what to do. Build the Digital Ark!

Who was that? Who was I? What was I thinking?

If you have asked yourself these questions, then ARK-HIVING is your answer. 

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Society must create jobs to match population expansion. This PROJECT can create so many jobs while hopefully providing many positive benefits.

If this is Armageddon, are you prepared?

As the world is flooded with money and a virus that may kill people in a manner that they feel that they are drowning is running rampant, it may be time to consider that God may be ready for humans to evolve.

Noah was tasked to build the 1st ark, I am tasked to build the 2nd...the DIGITAL ARK. St. Peter's church has fulfilled it's mission. It has kept God and the Bible front and center for humanity. It has also kept its responsibility by maintaining our history in the Vatican ARCHIVES. It has tried to make humanity less sinful. Unfortunately, the chemical storage and processing unit that is humanity is completely unable to not sin and it leads to the suffering and misery that we encounter everyday.         

SANG REAL. "The legend will be revealed when the heir reveals himself." The time is here and I'm the heir to "decode" the Bible for ARK-HIVE IMMORTALITY. Feel free to laugh and mock me. "We are defined by the choices we make." The apple is a symbol for the chemicals we need to survive on Earth and those same chemicals give us the ability to develop an identity that we can make IMMORTAL. Jesus was the first ARK-HIVE and through ARK-HIVE, he and we can be born again. It's called THE CLOUD (will become THE CLOUDS as the amount of storage would grow beyond comparison) for a reason...to hold our souls aka our identity and it can be maintained for eternity. It is SOFTWARE that is loaded into ever improving HARDWARE. Many are called, few are chosen. It is time to decide if you want to graduate from Kindergarten. PUBLISH OR PERISH...ARK-HIVE TO STAY ALIVE.


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Trying to solve these problems:

1. Continual need to create more jobs.

2. Lack of knowledge of ancestors.

3. Inability to remember your life.

4. Superficial knowledge of almost every other person.

5. Repetitive nature of all other media.

6. Reduce outside influence on elections.

7. Help with mental health issues.

8. Lack of through medical histories.

9. Improve the veracity of information we receive.

10. Bring more people together.

11. Improve understanding of sexuality and hormones.

12 Various issues related to alcohol impairment.

13. Providing an escape from the chaotic storms.

14. Unifying a world that is torn apart.

15. Giving everyone a chance to feel included.

16. Quality of business services.

17. Occupational sharing of ideas

18. Save the Internet

19. Charity!

Don't you wish you could read about your ancestor's trip to America? How did they get here? What was it like to go through Ellis Island? So many stories that we didn't capture due to lack of technology.

How much infrastructure would we need to build to store the ARK-HIVES of billions of people forever, and ever, and ever for eternity?

All we have to do is ARK-HIVE our lives. As much or as little as you want or your schedule allows. We just need to realize the benefits that can come from this PROJECT to motivate as many people as possible.

If the private sector cannot create enough jobs to keep society moving forward, the government must fill the gaps. This means more taxes, fees, and deficit spending. Let's see how many jobs the Digital Ark can create!


THE ARK-HIVE PROJECT creates the opportunity and motivates passengers to preserve their ancestry, life, and family histories.  BUSBY'S ARK will build HEAVEN on EARTH including the return of Jesus from THE CLOUD using his ARK-HIVE from the BIBLE and the VATICAN ARCHIVES.




Big Boat

ARK-HIVERS on the storm

ARK-HIVERS on the storm

Aboard this ship we roam

Aboard this ship we hone

Love the dog you own

Don't suffer all alone

ARK-HIVERS on the storm

Chaos overload

Can make your mind explode

Cruise to get away

Such a chance to play

Stressors may subside

Family history we won't let die

Satisfaction we are owed, yeah

Gotta love the plan

Gotta love the plan

Conflict will be banned

Aboard a wonderland

Descendents on you depend

Your life will never "end"

Gotta love the plan, yeah

ARK-HIVERS on the storm

ARK-HIVERS on the storm

Inspired by Jim Morrison and The Doors