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I invite you to read my Busby’s Ark – ARK-HIVE vision. Why Busby you may ask? Busby is my incredible Goldendoodle. He has not only been my “life jacket” but a true “survival suit” for the past 6 years. I truly don’t know if I would be here today without him. So I am hoping Busby’s Ark can be as helpful to others as he has been for me. Also, an ark named after a man saved the animals, now an ark named after an animal can help save us. Tell me where is sanity.

I have been working on this concept since I had an incredible “eureka” moment. I cannot help but feel that maybe there is a possibility that I was somehow “selected” to bring this to the world. I am not crazy and I am not saying that without a doubt that this is from a higher power or that I am chosen, special, or anything other than an ordinary person who finally had what I think, is a brilliant idea. I can only let others decide once I share it. Either way I think it is a good mystery. Was I guided or is it simply my Asperger’s brain interpreting some coincidental happenings and events as motivation for my concept? And don’t forget, son, there is someone up above. Regardless, it did make me keep working and expanding on the concept and I am determined to make it a reality! As I am not a tech person, I don’t know if all the ideas in the plan are feasible with current technology, but part of the building is finding and motivating coders that can eventually bring them to the Ark.

I hope you will read the full VISION and believe like I do that this is an idea whose time has come!

Busby’s Ark is being filled
A thousand thoughts
A thousand thrills
A million ways to spend your time

Once I started ARK-HIVING, I knew I had to find ways to encourage other to try it. Just starting to type thoughts and memories has had a profound impact on me. I have enjoyed so many more good memories through the process and even reconciled with many of the negative ones. I also see things much different with age and wisdom. I have a better understanding of why some things happened and I have forgiven many people that I have hated for many years. I KNOW this is something everyone should try.

I tried to pitch this on Shark Tank but was not successful so I am hoping to find some others that want to help me build it. When I went to the open call, it was still a very new concept so I can understand that the casting department did not have an interest. I knew the concept wasn’t really ready but I only went because it was at the Morongo Resort, not only close to my mom’s house but also, I went there for software training sometime around 2001…damn I would know the date if I had an ARK-HIVE. I submitted emails with the improvements and do not know if they ever reviewed it. I’m sure their inbox is overwhelmed with ideas and products. I even tried messaging and commenting on Instagram to get someone’s attention as well, but alas, I guess I did not have enough “chum in the water” to attract the Sharks so I must move on.

I am now hoping to acquire the capital I need to start building the ARK through a social media/word of mouth campaign. The first rule of Busby’s Ark is: you do talk about ARK-HIVING, with as many people as possible. I hope that if you like the concept that you will encourage others to visit the website and please follow on Instagram.

If you wish to help and be a Triple “BBB” (Busby’s Benevolent Builders) founding passengers, I hope you will prepay for one of our “Round the World” tickets for $360 (starting annual fee at $1 per day) and good for 18 months (hopefully the launch will be less than 6 months). While we develop the full Busby’s Ark website, you may begin by sharing thoughts and stories in some of our sample decks/cabins, access the Captain’s Log (featuring progress reports and more stories and thoughts from the Captain) and other features I hope to include on this website prior to the launch. As I do not know what pricing may be after launch to break even, this may be a great deal and I know the prepaid funds can earn some addition investment income (always the dollars, always the f***** dollars). You will always have the Triple “BBB” icon attached to your ARkography. Hopefully, this will be the best $360 you ever spend and there will be enough funding to build the Ark. If sufficient funding is not acquired, I will try to make the current site worth the ticket price. UNFORTUNETLY, THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED. ALL PRE-BOARDING OF THE ARK HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

Those wishing to make bids for coding, storage, security, etc., can visit the ARK TANK (Yep I dropped the SH…IT served its purpose and Mr. Wonderful…you are not dead to me...YET) to make proposals which could include equity bids as well.

Investors can also visit the ARK TANK to offer proposals as I would like to have some expert help with this project. Also, for some other ideas that I have on the back burner for now. I am not interested in being Richard Hendricks trying to slog along slowly. I need experts to help me avoid mistakes and hopefully speed up construction as people are dying every day without some sort of ARK-HIVE to leave their descendants. One that won’t be destroyed by unfortunate events…one for eternity!

I am very interested in expansion into the resort (especially golf resorts) business as I feel this is an area that will allow for special events to increase the ability for passengers to meet in person. Also, some help with development of a media arm to assist or create new content for print or screen would be ideal.

If you would like to help but do not want to purchase a prepaid ticket or you enjoyed your tour of Busby’s Ark and would like to leave a gratuity for the guide, I would be extremely grateful for any gratuities which will also help me build the Ark. I am hoping you find my work an interesting way to market a business plan…the short story business plan. I tried to mix my years of business writing with some creative writing and some pop culture references embedded. Can you identify all of them? I hope I am using them under fair use and my intention is to pay tribute to them as they have influenced my life. I did not go and look for references, my AVE brain does tend to occasionally think in pop culture references as I think a lot of us are influenced by the various media avenues we encounter every day.

My ego would also appreciate knowing if and how much value you might have received from reading my vision. The Round the World tickets sales will hopefully validate the concept and offer a great return on investment when the Ark is built. I hope the gratuity will show an appreciation for the writing of the concept as a form of entertainment or even as literature…even though I’m sure the literature experts could tear through it with a red pen (you know who you are). As I really have had no artistic ability for most of my life, I think this was my chance to show some and asking for a gratuity is the only way I could think to find out how well my artistic effort was received and valued. And at least 30% of gratuities will be donated to Autism and Veterans related causes so you will be helping some great charities as well.

I was also trying to “paint” a picture for you of the Asperger’s Virgo Empath (AVE) mind and I did not want to give prospective passengers a dry business proposal. After many drafts and edits, I believe the VISION represents my mind and how it thinks. I realize it may be hard to follow but it makes sense to me or I would have changed it. I also wanted to sell the story-telling concept with some examples that I hope you will find entertaining and maybe wanting to read more in the Captain’s log.

This project started when my wife suggested that I might have Asperger’s. At first I did not want to accept it, but as I began looking back through my life, I realized that yes, I did and still do have Asperger’s. In addition, my life path through the Air Force and then working for the eccentric Jim Rogers, who shared the same birth date September 15 (what are the odds that I would be hired by a company where the owner shares my birth date, much like my 6 weeks premature son has the same birth date as my first wife) and helped me to think like a lawyer. This crazy life path helped shaped this AVE mind that led to the “design” of the Ark.

I want to apologize for the low quality of the website. I just had to try to design it myself to start. First, of course, is to save money and second, I did want to give myself a challenge. It did bring back memories from high school and the first time I can remember computers…basic programming in 1982 with Apple Computers. I can remember just trying to do IF-THEN programming and seeing the computer wiz’s back in those early days doing something with PEEK and POKE commands that I never learned because I did not recognize that computers were the future. High School did not leave me with many good memories. I was just too shy and awkward and what was a stellar baseball career was rapidly going downhill. Going to Cal State Fullerton was a big mistake as well as I was not close to being ready for it. Fortunately, I was able to find a good place for me at Golden West College. I had some great professors and started to come out of my shell a little bit. Then joining the Air Force was absolutely a great move for me and gave me some good stories that I can share in the Captain’s Log.

So who wants to hear the design story? I hope everyone is enticed after reading my vision. Well, I think it is something that would be more enjoyable if viewed on video than just a dry reading. So, my hope is to create it while we build the Ark and then release it on launch day!

You want the truth…can you handle the truth?


A final homage to Jim Morrison, someone with whom I have always felt a strange spiritual connection, and one of the many Jim/James that have influenced my life. I can dream that he wrote this song for me to use some 40+ year later since it does fit pretty well. Much like the Noah’s Ark story inspired my Vision.

ARK-HIVERS on the storm
ARK-HIVERS on the storm
Aboard this ship we roam
Aboard this ship we hone
Love the dog you own
Don’t suffer all alone
ARK-HIVERS on the storm
Chaos overload
Can make your mind explode
Cruise to get away
Such a chance to play
Stressors may subside
Family history we won’t let die
Satisfaction we are owed, yeah
Gotta love the plan
Gotta love the plan
Conflict will be banned
Aboard a wonderland
Descendents on you depend
Your life will never “end”
Gotta love the plan, yeah
ARK-HIVERS on the storm
ARK-HIVERS on the storm

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