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Busby’s Ark creates the opportunity and motivates passengers to preserve their ancestry, life and family histories.

Busby’s Ark is a paid members-only social media application/website that is designed around the concept of users/passengers generating content and information through the use of personal ARK-HIVES (diaries or journaling) and exploring various “decks” and “cabins” filled with the content provided by members. It is based on the idea “The most valuable commodity I know of is information…wouldn’t you agree”. Not only monetary value but entertainment, education, and scientific research. The hope is that Busby’s Ark will provide more “information” for these purposes than ever before while also giving members a feeling of unity, togetherness and charity…as at least 30% of profit will go to charity. With the rise in the call for Socialism, I feel this would be a great example of a better alternative. This would be a great example of Compassionate Capitalism. As an Empath, I do feel the need to make charity a focal point of this project. Forget your lust for the rich man’s gold, all that you need is in your soul.

The ultimate goal or idea of the Ark is to offer as many options and reasons as possible for people to want to be on the Ark. We want to inspire or motivate ARK-HIVING, sharing heritage/lives, and hopefully bring some more happiness to their lives. Any idea to bring another million passengers on board! I have come up with quite a few but I know we can find more. I recently realized that “I am who I am” because of my life path and I remember so little about it. ARK-HIVE can remind us of “who we are”. Most would agree that we have not passed on our family heritage properly. It is a shame that we know more about the lives of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and many other people than we do our own ancestors. We need to preserve all or at least more of our own history…not just world history. I’d like to teach the world to ARK-HIVE…to preserve its HISTORY! I can see millions of retirees (not too far off for me as well) with so much free time and I would hope a great desire to ARK-HIVE their lives. I know most retirees love to tell their stories. This will allow them to share not only with family and descendants but also other passengers. We can even start recreating ARK-HIVES for family members that are no longer with us. The computer/technology era now allows us to use technology to assist where even I did not journal in the past because it was cumbersome and storage/moving paper files was not easy. Busby’s Ark is how we can start this process.

We are constantly typing on our computers or phones anyway so let’s start ARK-HIVING! ARK-HIVES will be by date, but we need to create categories (Sports, Work, etc.) for easy reference as well. I really wish I had some statistics and commentary from all the sports and games I have played in my life. I have some newspaper clippings of some of my more memorable moments but there are times I could really use more details of my sports life since it was a huge part of me. Sometimes I think that I am a total stranger to myself. I would love to have a better idea of what I thought about issues, events, etc. so I could actually know myself better. Well, who are you? I really want to know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)

We can tap into people’s ability to generate thoughts or information to create the next tech boom job creating company. This information must be stored and then processed to be valuable, so it will be a great job creator. How much more data storage capacity would we need if millions of people start increasing their data output and storage needs by 10, 100, 1000 times their current levels. You’re gonna need a bigger boat. As I am not a tech person, I do not know if the current technology will allow for all the plans but we can employ coders to start trying to make them happen. I also want to inspire the entire world to be part of something special. Busby’s Ark can be the one thing everyone in the world with a connection to the internet can have in common! It is the ultimate club and it is not exclusive.

Highlighting positive moments while discounting the negative ones could also be a very beneficial therapy for those with depression! Go back and read all the positive things that have happened. Maybe your life hasn’t been that bad. Also, remembering all the struggles and obstacles that you have overcome could be helpful for raising your self-esteem. Maybe we can remember the bad choices and mistakes we’ve made and the awful feelings we felt and not repeat them. Do you really remember all of them? Have you repeated them?

This process has helped me realize that I have had a pretty good life with quite a bit of adventure that I would love to share with others. I figure there are millions/billions more people that would love to share their life experiences especially with their family and friends. With life so rough, sometimes I just want to go back and review my better moments.
Busby’s Ark will provide the ability for people worldwide to come together and be part of something special while providing a great platform for the distribution and acquisition of information. Just as TV and radio moved to paid models, the only way to provide a high quality experience is to remove the incentives that allow for bots, trolls, and other negative forces to generate click and views. Also, with a very large membership, the possibility to negotiate discounts with companies could help offset the cost and allow for advertising when the member seeks it, not continually shoved in their face. We could also incentivize members to provide more information with a fee discounting system based on “Megabytes/Kilobytes” contributed to ARK-HIVEs or cabins. Special pricing to posthumously ARK-HIVE family members on the “Final Resting Place” deck!

Busby’s Ark is the new digital version of Noah’s Ark (for all I know…I could be one of Noah’s descendants and wouldn’t his ARK-HIVE be fascinating). The first concept or selling point is to “Save the Internet”. The internet is much like the old Wild West, we need to reign it in a little. People are tired of ads, bots, privacy issues, etc. I know that I have grown tired and very bored with the internet. We can leave the chaotic “real” world to read and learn about REAL PEOPLE! I am tired of hearing from PAID talking heads saying similar things over and over. Is there anyone that can’t predict exactly what each talking head will say on any given subject? I want to hear what people from all over the world THINK on life, politics, education, and sports in a controlled non-combative environment. What we have here is failure to communicate. Let’s fix that by cruising on the ARK for a few hours here and there and escape the madness!

So after my “lightning in a bottle” moment. I knew that I wanted, no I really NEEDED, new and more real information. I wanted the ability to “get to know” some of the other billion people on the planet and maybe even begin to do some “mind reading” (not only knowing what you believe, but trying to understand the “why “ and maybe how you came to your beliefs). I also thought it would be awesome to learn more about people based on demographics to better understand and learn more about people and also gain more insight into the human mind. The anonymous sharing and sorting of information would allow me to begin to “read minds” or at least access information that I can’t obtain anywhere else. Busby’s Ark is designed to improve our lives, not make us feel like we are drowning in an ocean of arguments, hate, and madness. The cabins will be more geared to “thought rooms” versus chat rooms. Although we will have chat rooms, they will be monitored to eliminate hostile conversation (violate Ark rules and you may end up like Denver Pyle jumping off the paddleboat). Although sometimes we might need a little hostility, so I thought we can have the engine room for that. The engine room is already loud so if you feel the need to aggressively vent (real people not paid shills) with others, within reason of course, the engine room would be perfect.

Noah’s Ark saved the animals, Busby’s Ark may just save human sanity. Tell me where is sanity. Forget about the old wooden ship, this will be like a modern super cruise ship with plenty of options. Many people love to go on cruises, so the Ark offers a different type of cruise…an information, learning, and charity inspired cruise. Cruise as much as you want to make you happier! I want to have so many options that everyone will find a reason to come on board and begin to ARK-HIVE and start generating incredible amounts of information. The current internet sites must rely on advertising or selling information to make profits. This model does not work! There is so much misinformation and disinformation that nobody knows what is real anymore. We can also provide fact-checking services and remove any misleading information.

Through a paid membership site, we can verify our users and most importantly ensure all elections are not improperly influenced by hostile forces. All information would contain the demographics of the member so if someone from Russia, for example, is sharing ideas about the US election, everyone will know the source and be able to make better decision about its veracity. The idea is that the Ark framework would literally consist of all the data storage centers with connecting networking lines which would be powered with green energy. The data centers and bandwidth connections are the Ark foundation that we are building and that people will “board”. Building and maintaining the Ark could employ many people, so let’s get it launched! We need a new industry that will create jobs. Humans can generate thoughts which can be used to create those jobs. We need the next big job generator. Instead of buying things to create jobs, we can use our minds to generate a vast amount of information to create those jobs. You aren’t just a member of Facebook, Twitter, etc., you are part of a special unique “club”. I have many ideas to bring people aboard the Ark, but I know there are many others. Just as Noah had his sons to help him build the Ark, I need help as well. It is also designed with ideas that I think would help those suffering from Asperger’s and other Autism Spectrum Disorders, in addition to social anxiety issues as well as depression. The ability to share thoughts and maybe talk with some people with different backgrounds from all over the world might just help many people with psychological issues. Also, maybe patients could allow their psychologists and therapists to read their ARK-HIVES to improve their treatment. Could we also offer online or video counseling sessions with fully licensed professionals? Can you remember everything you want to tell your therapist when you go to a session? You can ARK-HIVE them and send them in advance or read them during the session.

My accepting that I have the “terrible trio” of Asperger’s, being a Virgo and an Empath is what really started me to create this idea. I really hope to bring more exposure to Autism and Asperger’s through Busby’s Ark as the rates for Autism are rapidly rising. I even thought that I could donate my ARK-HIVE and my brain to science and maybe combining the two will help scientists study causes and maybe start finding some cures.

Users will maintain their “ARK-HIVE” with the goal to document experiences, memories, opinions and thoughts, etc. so they can always have them for lifetime review and the ability to share with family members especially children. Children usually don’t know the struggles their parents have endured throughout their lives (you know like walking to school in the snow uphill both ways ) …I have to believe sharing those struggles with the family will only improve family relations and hopefully bring extended families closer together. Again, you only have to share what YOU want! The current social media options are not bringing people together, if anything, it seems that they are creating more problems for people.

Parents can start their child’s ARK-HIVE until the child can take over. You can ARK-HIVE their growth to make a complete record of their life. Then make an ARKography to share their development with family and friends. You can also create a little parent vault for your child. Leave them with little notes and comments that they can have forever. My son just had one of his best baseball performances and while I let him know that I was so proud of him…how great to put that pride in his vault so he can read through it and know how much he is loved at any time! A great way to reinforce positive behaviors! You may not want to ARK-HIVE your life, but your child might! Yes, I will use any means necessary, fair or unfair, to get you on the Ark to make you ARK-HIVE.

I starting thinking that if I don’t care enough about my life to record it, then do I deserve another life another this one? Maybe ARK-HIVING shows that will really care about ourselves. Maybe we need to show “someone up above” that we value the gift of life and want to treasure and remember it and share it with our family and others to earn an afterlife? Maybe it would nice to have at the Pearly Gates? I told you that I would use any means necessary, fair or unfair, to get you to ARK-HIVE.

How many people have so little knowledge about their parents and grandparents? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to read your entire family ARK-HIVES and discover your heritage? We now have the technology to keep this information safe and secure for generations. Written diaries could be lost in many ways, but I can envision a server dedicated to each member or family. I can see a commercial with a child crying in the future because all the other kids have their family ARK-HIVES but this child does not. A lot of family knowledge is passed on through oral communication but we know that stories can get changed or embellished through the years, so the reliability is always suspect and much has been lost due to lost paper records. A medical history ARK-HIVE might be very valuable for the future generations as well. Heredity…can you see traits in yourself from your ancestors? I have always wondered how much of my persona did I inherit and how much I adapted from watching and listening to my parents.

We know so much history but almost none about our own family history and I’m sure like me, most people have forgotten so much about their lives. Even when I remember events, I have fuzzy details and rarely remember what I was thinking and feeling. I know there are days that I don’t remember at all as if I wasn’t even alive that day. Just like the saying, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? If there is no record of your life, did it really happen? Can you be sure from your fading memory alone? Could this help with Alzheimer’s? Reading your own thoughts in your own words…maybe it will help but we need to build the Ark to find out. I think this may have even more medical and scientific benefits. Can ARK—HIVING reduce depression or help with other mental health issues? Maybe this could be paid through medical insurance eventually!

Imagine having your own ARK final resting place that future generations can visit and read anything you want to share with them, in addition, to your physical final resting place. Which do you think they will visit more? The more you ARK-HIVE, the more times they may visit. Just imagine one of your descendants reading through your ARK-HIVE thousands of years from now.

Users will then have the option to create an ARKography (autobiography) which is a public profile with or without your actual identity (I hope that eventually all passengers will feel safe enough to reveal themselves) with as much information that the user wishes to share about themselves for public viewing. Imaging getting to know more about your co-workers, doctors, etc. We can share and understand not only our common feelings but hopefully learn and make peace with our differences. Imaging “traveling” the world reading, learning, and beginning to understand people. My current boss grew up in China and she has shared many interesting stories about growing up in a completely different culture. Knowing more about her background growing up in a stricter dictatorial environment gives me a better insight into her personality and management style and helps me to be more understanding. Tell me who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Because I really want to know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)

In addition, members can open their “I Remember You” section. This would allow other members that may have known or interacted with you at some point to write to you directly expressing what they remember about you or experiences you may have shared together. You could have both positive and negative “I remember you” sections so you can choose to read the less flattering comments. This would also be a great help for older members to create a more complete ARK-HIVE.


This can also be combined with business services. I would love to view an ARKography before choosing a doctor, dentist, or even a choosing a plumber to come into my house. Our “Yelp” reviews will be real. I recently had to use a locksmith. He had some good reviews so I thought he would be ok. After a very poor experience, I went back to the good reviews and found that most of the “people” that wrote them also seemed to write a lot of reviews for other places and very few for Las Vegas. How many were real? All of our reviews will be real people! They may be anonymous to other passengers but we will know they are real people! I can’t believe people will pay to post garbage, but we will design methods to detect and remove them if they do!

ARKocation (GPS/Location Tracking) will allow users to choose to show that they are at a particular place either sharing their identity or anonymously. If you are on a plane or at a conference (really need this here as they can be so boring) or sporting event, you can see and discover the other members during your 3-5 hours. I feel so alone when traveling, just being able to connect on some level would be so helpful. There are billions of people…who did fate bring for you to meet today! When I am in large crowds, I like to people watch and guess things about them. I thought it would be cool to maybe actually have the ability to get to know something about them and see if my guesses were correct.

Members can choose which demographic information they wish to list that other members can see. They can simple say they are a member or they can include sex, race, age, religion, etc. We don’t have to feel so alone anymore. We don’t have to meet in person to learn about people. Maybe you see that someone was also in the Air Force or went to the same college. You could read as much as you like about them and then maybe send them a text and make some new friends. Members can feel secure because your picture would not be included unless you choose to make it available. With many people on a plane or at an event, it would be impossible to know “who is who” so members don’t have to worry about safety and we will have background checks…so we will know of any criminal backgrounds. Having a large public profile will allow users to find common areas to start conversations, and reduce awkward introductory banter so members will be encouraged to share as much as possible. This feature could also be helpful at bars, clubs, etc. You could see and read about other members. Then maybe start with some texting and then maybe meet in person. Can I buy you a drink button? Members could have the added value of safety. You can only see members if your location is “on”. We would know who is there and who viewed profiles. We could also have an alcohol tracking system to monitor sobriety and ability to consent to sexual activity…Maybe have consent forms for both parties on the platform. Also, your ARK-HIVE could help police investigations if you authorize us to release it. How valuable could an ARK-HIVE be to police if something happens to you! Ohh…there is just one more thing.

The Dating/Matchmaking Deck will hopefully allow passengers to find their soulmate. How many divorces happen because people don’t really know anything about each other before they get married? Having a thorough ARKography and maybe even allowing access to your ARK-HIVES may prevent future issues and even reduce divorce rates. Plus, if you let us know you’re going on a date with another member, you can have some added comfort and safety with the option for us to “help ease” you out of the situation of a bad date. You don’t have to ask your friend to call you anymore. You can ask for mandatory ARKcation tracking for additional safety, that way we know where both of you are during and after the date. Plus, if a couple finds each other on the Ark, they would be able to jointly explore their family ARK-HIVES together. Again, a thousand years from now, this could be quite the adventure for those with large families!

The “I was/am there” deck will allow users to post memories based on their life experiences. Military users can go into a cabin labeled with the units along with a timeline template and post memories that others can view. Since people tend to remember certain experiences, sharing memories may ignite new memories that can be posted and so on. Hopefully, members would have a clearer picture of their lives for their ARK-HIVE. This will help older users to ARK-HIVE more of their lives and encourage younger members to start. I would love to view the ARKography of so many people that I have known through the years. What has happened to them since we lost contact? Not just “food and travel pictures”. I would love to get together in one of the game rooms and play poker again with some of my old Air Force buddies. I would love to share some military stories such as when I was in Korea for an exercise in winter. We slept in tents with heaters. During the night, the fuel would run out and if we wanted to stay warm, someone would have to get up, get dressed, and then go to the fuel tank about 100 yards away and fill the fuel can. Then come back and in the dark with a flashlight, try to restart the heater without blowing up the tent. There are so many stories to be told and to be read.

There will also be decks/cabins based on events such as sporting, musical, TV shows, etc. so a user can both post and view an event in an effort to bring people together. Members can make and view comments on the game/event. Then after getting home, maybe read all the comments including breakdowns based on demographics. How different are the thoughts between men and women at sporting events? Scrolls on TV during game so you can read the comments from those that are there. Not confined to only what you see and hear on the TV anymore! Instead of your wife telling you that they can’t hear you when you yell at the TV…they might be able to hear you now!

The Demographic Deck cabins will allow users to post directly or through the use of ARKTAGS to have posts directed to cabins based on race, sex, religion, sexual preference in order for everyone to read and gain some insights into the thoughts, opinions etc. The postings can either be open or anonymous based on the preference of the user. The hope is that through sharing and viewing this consolidated information everyone can gain a better understanding of their differences and maybe improve human interactions. Imagine reading the thoughts of a pregnant woman through her entire pregnancy (including during labor…maybe a good distraction from the pain?) or any other demographic combination that might interest you. We could truly begin to understand each other. I think we are so divided and many people think that other people are stupid because we don’t UNDERSTAND how they developed and became the person they did. I am who I am due to my unique life. With ARK-HIVING and ARKographies, people may be better able to understand why someone has the views they have. Let’s try to improve our tolerance of others through understanding them. The goal would be to make decks and cabins manageable. Play the matching game…Can you find the demo cabin for your spouse, boss, or friend? When you find it, save it and visit often and read to maybe gain a better understanding of them.

The Occupation Deck cabins. There could be the teacher’s lounge, sports officials, fire and police employees, and how great to have an active duty military currently in a “war” zone, within national security guidelines of course (oh, how my Medical Readiness Officer days influenced my brain). Again, some pretty interesting stories from the Air Force journey. Imagine reading some of those experiences and thoughts. As a former Air Force member, I was proud to serve and honestly, so many of my most interesting experiences and stories come from my military days. I think ARK-HIVING would be fantastic for both active duty and former military members. So let’s start sharing those with civilians not fortunate enough to know what it is like to wear a chemical warfare suit for hours.

The Situation Deck cabins will allow users to view postings of others users who may be interacting together such as husband/wives, parents/children, etc. Coding will be used to identify these relationships and post them anonymously so others may gain insight into how others deal with similar situations. Hopefully, we can learn from each other to improve our relationships. For example, as a stepfather, I would enjoy reading the thoughts from not only other stepfathers, but from stepchildren as well. You will almost certainly at some point read the thoughts from people you know without even knowing it.

The Hot Topics deck will be used to post thoughts about various topics. I think some cabins for issues like racial issues could be valuable. For example, one cabin can have negative experience due to racism and another could be “Why I am a Racist” which would only allow reasoned thoughts about why you are a Racist not name calling and generalizations…specific experiences or reasons why you can hate someone based on something they had no choice over. Hopefully, these types of “hot topics” cabins will lead to a better understanding of these issues. Absolutely no cross posting allowed and no harassing or name calling, of other passengers. I hope to foster an environment based on reasoned thoughts in a debating type environment. Don’t call me names…rationally and reasonably convince me your right! I would hope to have tutorials on the proper techniques used in debates to encourage more civil discourse on the Ark. Maybe you have some controversial opinions, you can post them in appropriate cabins anonymously but with some demographic information so they can be “heard” without getting in trouble or having negative fall-out. To help reduce arguments, most cabins will have a pro and con aspect to them because it’s hard to argue with someone in 2 different cabins. Thoughts can be read and processed and your thoughts can then be posted based on the side you take. I rarely participate in many comment, chat rooms, etc. because they almost always erode to uncivil behavior that I do not find enjoyable.

The Mental Health Deck will allow those with various mental health issues to post and read thoughts that I hope will be a start to helping them heal and hopefully begin to overcome some of the debilitating emotions that I know I have experienced with my Asperger’s and depression issues.

With passengers telling all their stories, the information that will be available to writers, author, etc. would be vast. The Ark could be a treasure trove for artistic endeavors such as novels, TV shows, or movies. People usually don’t have a life that could be a book or movie but imagine seeing parts of your life on screen. We can all become “screenwriters” through our ARK-HIVES and ARKographies. We can create a media team to publish or produce products.
Time to market to men, and maybe women too, and maybe non-binaries as well. Build your sex ARK-HIVE! Throw out that little black book and get on board the ARK! Then share in our adult only cabins. Since we will hard code ages into the system, no kids allowed. No more ridiculous “Are you over 18? Buttons”. Although, I can see a great benefit to having cabins with the sexual thoughts of teenagers for parent education and scientific research to improve our understanding of teenage sexuality and the effects of hormones. Should we allow the teenagers to access the teenage sexuality cabins? Tough question for me. I can see pros and cons on the issue. Maybe with parental approval. Maybe the experts can help us answer that question.

We need to get a little more old school in our life. Story telling was the original form of communication, entertainment and education. Busby’s Ark can bring it back with the power of technology behind it. We can hear stories from all over the world! If you’re bored, frustrated, irritated or having negative emotions, come aboard and sail around the world. A WORLD OF INFORMATION! I once submitted a mission statement for my former company, Intermountain West Communications. It was Entertaining, Enlightening and Educating the Mountain West. (I did not imagine at the time that I would use it for myself as a vision statement) With Busby’s Ark vision statement, I just want to change Mountain West to the World. NOTE: I did not win the mission statement contest…Committed to Excellence in Broadcasting and Education won…A tired old cliché copied from the Raiders. BORING! Like so many other mission statements. How many use some form of the committed to excellence statement but, like the Raiders, are quite far from excellence?
Busby Bucks will be a method of giving the site a charity environment. Monthly dues will include Busby Bucks and can also be bought at any time. They can be donated on the charity deck to other members in need, or asking for help with tough financial situations, or to celebrate events like marriage. Staff will review all requests for donations, so members can feel sure that they are not scams. Busby Bucks can also be donated to designated charities so everyone can be part of helping.

With the world so chaotic, we need something to bring us together. We are surrounded by chaotic information storms and they are flooding our mind with so much negativity that almost everyone is struggling to stay above water! Take off your life jacket and board the ARK! All I wish for you, my son, is to be satisfied.

The story of my developing this concept is also quite fascinating. It would leave the reader wondering if maybe there is a “higher power” that may have guided me or it’s just an interesting insight into the Asperger’s mind connecting various coincidental events to use as motivation to solve certain problems or attain certain goals. Did I hear a voice tell me to build the Ark like Noah? NO.

As one example of “guidance” or “coincidence”, my father passed away Dec. 2009. When I came up with the ARK-HIVE branding after the Shark Tank open call that helped make Busby’s Ark more than just using the Noah’s Ark story (BTW…my son is named Noah and my 2 stepchildren are Nick and Noelle so my wife wanted him to have an “N” name…“guidance” or “coincidence” and who would be the “captain” after I die), I realized that I now have a HIVE branding opportunity as well. The Ark will be a Bee Hive of activity and without bees there is no life, just like if you don’t ARK-HIVE, you really had no life, at least one that will be remembered. Then I kept thinking about a song with “bees make honey”. I googled the words and the song is “I’d Love to Change the World” by 10 Years After. I do want to change the world with Busby’s Ark and it would be 10 Years After my father’s passing and I would not have come up with this idea without my father (I believe he also had Asperger’s and was an Empath so his ARK-HIVE would really have helped me understand him better). I truly want this to become reality; as I think it has so many benefits. This story is one example of the type of information that could be acquired on the Ark that would be so entertaining for members while also gaining so much insight into the brain.
As a former child baseball player, I like to use the following analogy for this project. I am not trying to hit singles or doubles. I am not even just trying to hit home runs. I am in San Francisco at Oracle Park. I’m not just aiming for McCovey Cove, I am going for Oakland or even beyond! And as a right handed hitter, this would be opposite field power! I know this will be a huge effort. But it is possible? I KNOW IT IS!


My Shark Tank Cliffhanger plan – If this is indeed the next big thing with a possible billion dollar valuation, the potential to make a great Shark Tank story presents itself. What if the audience is only shown that this is indeed the next big thing but no real details? I make the generic pitch on Busby’s Ark or each shark can pre-read my concept and that there is fantastic creation story but the winning Shark/s and the deal details are not revealed. Maybe even a “Let’s Gamble” scenario? How much would you pay just to hear if my idea could be the next Facebook or have a future billion dollar valuation?
The audience would be: What is Busby’s Ark? Is it really the next big thing?
The details and bidding would be shown before Busby’s Ark is launched.
“Building the Ark” could then be filmed as a documentary with small segments with “clues” about the Ark to be shown throughout the season and as a pre-launch episode while filming the creation story and segments on the building of the Ark. It could create a tremendous buzz about it even before launch.
More coincidences…Shark Tank will be in its 11th season, so it would fit the 10 Years After narrative if I appear. Some other 11 “guidance”…Tiger just won his first major in 11 years…We both grew up in Cypress, CA and we are 11 years apart in age. Another “11” coincidence…my daughter was number 3 in softball. I was the manager for her All-Star team and when I submitted the uniform request, I incorrectly submitted the alpha roster and she ended up with number 11. Afterwards, I became a big fan of the number 11 and encouraged my son to have it for a few seasons before he wanted to actually choose his own number. Boy, one thing I did learn about parenting, you can try to influence your child, but they are going to be their own person. I was always so naïve in thinking that you can really raise children to be what YOU want them to be.
It is destiny that BUSBY’S ARK starts on SHARK TANK! I guess it wasn’t, but the rejection did give me even more inspiration!

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